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Meet the Governors

What is the role of the Governors?

Our School Governors make sure all children receive the best education possible at Whitton School.  Governors know this by coming into school and talking to teachers and children, looking at work and looking at the teaching environment.

They make certain the building and grounds are healthy and safe for everyone by carrying out regular checks.

Each term, at their main meeting, the Governors receive and discuss a written report from the Headteacher on the school.  This is always a full report of what has gone on, who has been to the school, any problems that have arisen and any staff changes that have already taken place or that maybe due in the future.  It is always the Governors’ job to make sure that the school is properly staffed and that the money allocated to the school is spent wisely.  This is done through discussions with the Head.

Governors get to know the school by coming in and being with the teachers and the children.  Governors can see teaching and learning and help in many ways.