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The ASSET pupil Parliament

We have set up a new venture during 2017/18 school year to create an ASSET Pupil Parliament for selected pupils across the schools within the Trust.


The aim of this Parliament is to:-

  • Encourage our young people to feel they can make a difference to the world, have a voice and can have their own dream.
  • Enable communication between pupils from all schools within the Trust.
  • Enable pupils to work with each other to develop a sense of 'togetherness' across schools.
  • Promote tolerance, understanding and celebration of difference and a respect for others.
  • Enable pupils to have an influence outside of their own school.
  • Enable pupils to gain an understanding of how democracy works in action.
  • Make real life decisions that affect others and develop skills to make things happen.  


Our Pupil Parliament members currently are as follows:-


Alaska, Hummingbirds

Evie, Hummingbirds

Amari, Hummingbirds

Jayden, Parrots