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Welcome to Hummingbirds!

Our teachers are Mrs Shaw and Mrs Mills.

Our teaching assistant is Mr Holberry.

Mrs Shaw teaches us on a Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs Mills teaches us on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


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Our essential question this term is....



"Villainous or Victorious?"


We will be investigating kings and queens throughout history and we will find out who were the villains and who were the victors.   We will explore how they became leaders and what happened to them during their reign.


Keep checking this page for examples of our excellent work and what we've been learning.







Who is villainous? Who is victorious?

Power of Reading

Through reading and exploring different texts we will investigate different kings and queens. We will also look at villains and victors in fictional texts.

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Don't forget 'Times Tables Rockstars' to help learn your tables.

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